The Tandoor is an oven surrounded in mystery, with many countries claiming it as their own, Nick has an Iranian uncle who claims it came from Persia whilst there are those who argue that it can ‘only’ be an Indian invention. Tandoors were excavated from a 5000-year-old site in the Ganganagar district of Rajasthan, about 400km of Delhi. One thing is for sure, whatever the origins of the Tandoor it is one of the oldest and easiest cooking methods still used today.


Historically bread (Naans and Rotis) were the first food prepared in the clay pots, with meat coming later. Their evolution into almost every modern Indian Restaurant has spawned a whole style of cooking that delivers food of unique flavour and texture. This has previously been impossible to replicate in the home kitchen until now with the introduction of tandoor-i.


Come and experience this ancient and unique method of cooking for yourself and who knows, you may leave with a tandoor of your own.